Chain Slide & Guide Kit Kawasaki KXF250/450, KLX450R #KCP-K09-BK

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  • For 2016 our KXF (09-15) kit features a new Chain slider alloy collar hold down system that eliminates bolts backing out.
  • This kit will not fit the 2016 KXF 450 swingarm. 2016 part # for kit is KCP-K10 plus color.
  • Our TMD Kit consists of Baja Endurance Chain Slider, lower/upper Powerlip Roller set and hardware.
  • Our Factory Edition Number 2 rear chain guide with replaceable bottom pad completes the package.
  • We now have a color match green roller set to go along with the slider and guide. Killer looks as a package.
  • Also new is you now receive both Lower and Upper Powerlip chain rollers in the kit. $ 50 saving total off retail.
  • This kit has won multiple championships with Babbits Kawasaski, Leading Edge Kawasaki, Kawasaki Germany.
  •  In USA Brett Metcalfe and 2015 outdoor and SX top Privateer Kyle Chisholm raced the TMD KXF kits to the front.
  • This kit is Uv protected so the color stays bright and will not fade or crack like our competitors parts.
  • Our Kawasaki Chain Slider and Rear Guide is the only solution to the extremely poor high-wear stock components.
  • This kit has been recommended by Motocross Action, Transworld, Dirt Rider, & Dirt Bike Magazine as the go to setup.
  • The Kawasaki Kit components come with a pro-rated 1-year warranty .(USA only).
  • The Rear chain guide (Factory Edition # 2). has 2 choices of composite or low noise SX replaceable wear pads.
  • If you purchase a TM Designworks kit you will save money over the long haul &100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Patent # D600,600 USA, & European Countries Patent # 1155048.
  • Available in perfect color match TMD Black, TMD Blue, or TMD Green color.

Make & Model Fitment:

Kawasaki  KX250F 2009 – 2015
Kawasaki KX450F 2009 – 2015
Kawasaki KLX450R 2011 – 2014

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